Max Hydration is a hydration drink mix that focuses on increasing the speed of hydrating the cells to restore balance, initiate swift recovery, and replenish the body. Our formula increases the concentration of solutes (vitamins & electrolytes/trace minerals) in the cellular fluid, carried by water, causing a net flow into the blood cells to attain an isotonic solution (an important factor in cellular balance).

Max Hydration is scientifically formulated with an effective balance of vitamins, and electrolytes/trace minerals.

Max Hydration with Beta Alanine  - beta alanine is a non essential amino acid that stimulates the production of carnosine, a compound the body naturally produces, to increase energy, endurance, and decrease fatigue in the muscles.

100% Natural color, flavor, sweetened with stevia, total sugars 3 g.

Add the Max Hydration powder to 16.9 oz. / 500 ml. of water, shake lightly, drink and enjoy!