Fluids with an effective hydration formula are the quickest way to restore your body from dehydration. Max Hydration absorbs 2-3 times faster than water, delivering cellular respiration like an IV. 100% of the beneficial electrolytes, vitamins, and other nutrients are directly available for your body to use.

Consumers say Max Hydration gives them a surge of energy, greatly reduces recovery time after high physical output (reported little-to-no cramping and no lactic acid build up during the elite level training and competition), noticeable improvement in how they feel in general, and even provides effective relief from hangovers.

Not only is Max Hydration incredibly effective at sustaining hydration balance, it’s natural flavors have been complimented time and time again. Don’t waste anymore time wondering how to make yourself feel better and get more energy, maintain a balanced hydrated lifestyle with Max Hydration.

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