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The Perfect Formula

“I cannot say enough about Max Hydration. My whole family uses it for very effective and rapid hydration supplementation. As a physician, I find myself recommending daily to patients who need extra hydration for their underlying medical conditions, for patients who have acute dehydration and for athletes to boost hydration during intense training. Patients find it effective and tasty. It's been a great addition to my treatment tools and to my own personal exercise regimen.”

Dr. Maria Monge, MD, Austin, TX

“Max Hydration products and their knowledgeable team have helped me to up my hydration game in a big way. As I get older and wiser, these are the finer points I am working to dial in.”

Duncan Ross, Professional Triathlete, Toronto, ON

“I was introduced to Max Hydration about 2 months ago and I really love this product! I’ve noticed increased energy and better endurance throughout my workouts. I have also started to take some MH packets to work, it helps me replenish quickly on those days at the hospital that I don’t have much time for a break. I highly recommend MH!”

Lindsay Rogers, Nurse, Austin, TX

“I love Max Hydration! I've been using it for quite a while, and haven't found any other hydration drink that works quite like it. Most of the other electrolyte drink are full of sugar and other bad ingredients. Max Hydration is low sugar and relatively low carb. I'm a huge fan. I use it for fitness and when I'm out in the field working.”

John Clayton, US Military, Ft. Polk, LA

“Wonderful product that is true to its name! I've struggled with getting headaches in the past because of the sugar in most sports drinks, but with Max Hydration I don't have that issue”

Clayton Adams, Pro Footballer, Chattanooga, TN


To help people become the best version of themselves through better hydration.