Max Hydration

VS the heat

Loss of just 5% of your body’s water due to sweating can decrease the body’s capacity to function or work by 30%.

With a 40% increase in the rate of absorption and uptake into the blood stream, Max Hydration helps maintain proper hydration and provides swift recovery from dehydration in the extreme heat. This results in a significant decrease in exposure to heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses.

Max Hydration

What is it?

Max Hydration is a uniquely balanced formula that prioritizes swift uptake into the blood stream for fast hydration and rapid recovery, while providing the necessary ingredients for your body to stay hydrated.

Max Hydration is more than just another hydration and sports drink, we are a cost effective solution to the affects of constant dehydration. Feeling better enables you to be more.

Max Hydration

How to use it

Simply tear open the stick pack and pour contents into a 16 oz. (500 ml) bottle of water, shake a little, and refresh yourself with the great taste of Max Hydration.

Fast hydration. Great taste. Long lasting.
Experience the benefits of drinking Max Hydration.

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