Max Hydration

VS. the heat

Max Hydration has been tested and administered as an oral IV on oil rig and refinery workers, firefighters, military personnel, and many other industrial workers, in conditions that were both very hot and extremely humid. The result of using Max Hydration in these field tests lead to an unprecedented reduction of incidental heat related illnesses.

Professional athletes and teams that won championships and broke world records who took Max Hydration, reported drinking less than half the fluids as their opponents while experiencing little to no stomach distress. These athletes also noted how their hydration levels were sustained despite the heat.  

Max Hydration

What is it?

Max Hydration is a uniquely balanced formula that prioritizes swift uptake into the blood stream for fast hydration and rapid recovery, while providing the necessary ingredients for your body to stay hydrated.

Max Hydration is more than just another hydration and sports drink, we are a cost effective solution to the affects of constant dehydration. Feeling better enables you to be more.

Max Hydration

How to use it

Simply tear open the stick pack and pour contents into a 16 oz. (500 ml) bottle of water, shake a little, and refresh yourself with the great taste of Max Hydration.

Fast hydration. Great taste. Long lasting.
Experience the benefits of drinking Max Hydration.

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