Fast hydration. Great taste. Long lasting

The benefits of choosing Max Hydration are clear. You will find yourself performing better, for longer intervals of time, in particular, the hot environments.

The key to Max Hydration’s effectiveness is rapidly hydrating people that are experiencing the effects of dehydration. Studies show that over 70% of the population is consistently dehydrated.

Max Hydration is in the Hypotonic drinks category, which have osmolarity of less than 275 mOsm/kg. In a variety of environmental tests, Max Hydration is proven to be a very effective formula due to its rapid absorption into the blood stream, while still providing the necessary electrolytes and to replenish the body’s sweat loss. It also provides enough carbohydrates fueling the body’s energy requirements.

By lowering the osmolarity value, Max Hydration boosts the absorption rate for fast hydration & rehydration, as well as provides rapid recovery, which is why Max Hydration works so well under different conditions.