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Why it works

Why it works

Hydration and fluid absorption are not the same thing. Although it’s important to drink enough fluid to maintain hydration balance, if we're not effectively absorbing the fluid being consumed, we are most likely not hydrating properly. 

The key to Max Hydration’s effectiveness is how it absorbs so quickly into the cells, causing a balanced isotonic environment, and generating swift recovery from dehydration. Many studies indicate that over 70% of the population is frequently dehydrated.

Max Hydration has proven to be a very effective formula under different conditions as a result of its rapid absorption into the blood stream. It deposits the necessary electrolytes & trace minerals to replenish the body’s sweat loss, as well as providing carbohydrates to fuel the body’s energy requirements.

Some of the benefits you can realize from drinking Max Hydration are: 

Good hydration volume - Swift recovery - Muscle endurance (beta-alanine) - Cellular Balance.



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