Max Hydration has the right formulated balance for those who need rapid results to reverse the effects of critical dehydration. We’ve listed a few categories of people who can greatly benefit from our hypotonic hydration drink:

1) Anyone suffering from chronic dehydration.
2) Industrial workers exposed to high heat & humidity and other
extreme weather conditions.
3) High octane athletes competing or doing intensive training camps.
4) 1st responders fighting wildfires.
5) People with health ailments.
6) Elderly that struggle to eat and drink enough, take medications,
experience consistent diarrhea.


In hot and humid environments, industrial workers are extremely vulnerable to the heat. The fire retardant suits and other protective safety clothing required by government safety regulations can lead to quicker dehydration and elevated body temperatures. The combination of high heat and humidity increases the risk factor of fatality while working in such hot conditions.

Being able to tolerate the heat in your work environment is essential. Your livelihood depends on it. The technology in Max Hydration is designed for this very specific purpose. To understand more about how your body can withstand higher degrees of heat and humidity while remaining hydrated and capable of working through the extreme temperature, click here.


Hydration is a critical factor when it comes to strength, endurance, and mental focus. A loss of 2% bodyweight (just 1kg for a 50kg person) causes an increase in perceived effort and is claimed to reduce performance by 10-20% A fluid loss exceeding 3-5% bodyweight reduces aerobic exercise performance noticeably and impairs reaction time, judgement, concentration and decision making.

The formula in Max Hydration enables athletes to increase endurance and performance through the concept of lowering osmolarity. Read more about it here.


These individuals are on the front lines exposing themselves to the immense dangers of heat exhaustion, smoke inhalation, and other life threatening conditions. Dehydration is an everyday, all day problem for these first responders.

Max Hydration has the hydration technology through to help these heroic men and women stay hydrated for longer intervals of time, while also maintaining improved levels of blood circulation, enabling them to sustain better performance. We want our fires out, and our brave wildfire fighters to come home safely.

However we can be of assistance in supporting these incredible people fighting our fires, Max Hydration wants to help. Please contact us if you are fighting the wildfires in Canada and the USA.