One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about drinking fluids is thinking that it’s properly hydrating them. We all know there are certain types of beverages that dehydrate us, such as alcohol… but even we were surprised at how many products marketed to help you, have little-to-no effect, while some actually cause a deficit. 

It’s no secret that as we age we gradually lose water becoming more dehydrated, and in some cases advance into chronic dehydration.  A large number of scientific studies show that proper hydration is critical for health. Both cognitive and physical function decrease with even the slightest degree of internal water loss. 

Knowing this, we went on a quest to develop a product that not only targeted the harmful effects of dehydration, but could also create a balanced cellular environment to achieve sustainable hydration.  

Max Hydration uses a low osmolarity formula that increases the concentration of solutes (vitamins & electrolytes/trace minerals) in the cellular fluid, carried by water, swiftly causing a net flow into the blood cells to attain an isotonic solution (an important factor in cellular balance).  

Max Hydration has been tested and administered as an oral IV on oil rig and refinery workers, firefighters, military personnel, and many other industrial workers, in conditions that were both unbearably hot and extremely humid. The result of using Max Hydration in these field tests lead to an unprecedented reduction of incidental heat related illnesses.

Professional athletes and teams that won championships and broke records, who took Max Hydration, reported drinking less than half the fluids as their opponents without experiencing any stomach distress. These athletes noted how sustainably hydrated they were and also how rapidly they recovered.  

We believe hydration is not exclusive to those who ‘break world records,’ or ‘win championships’… Hydration is everyone’s game, and winning means sustenance, energy and balance for life.  

At Max Hydration, our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives through proper hydration… to live in abundance.